Tolt Technologies

Ability Drive 2110 Released

Quite a few things have changed in this release.

  • Works better with Tobii Computer Control and Tobii Communicator 5, Tobii Computer Control now pauses when Ability Drive starts
  • Updated eye gaze camera integrations
  • A new simplified 3 large button driving layout was added (Pediatric Request)
  • Reduced contrast of Settings button to make it less 'attractive to the eye' (Pediatric request)
  • When a button is activated its color now changes to violet giving more contrast and feedback on what is active (Pediatric Request)
  • Removed the non-functioning calibration button
  • Improved device detection and connection logic for Tobii devices older than Q4 2019 (e.g. PC Eye Mini, iSeries 12+, iSeries 15+) and Prentkey Romich Look-2 cameras
  • Improved diagnostic logging to help us work better on the many different eye gaze devices our customers use
  • Improved display of error states on main screen
  • Improved the gaze dot precision